With a combination of revolutionary technologies and patented solutions in hydrodynamic, ProMax systems are the perfect solution for public buildings, as well as industrial enterprises in need of precision dosing of chemicals and detergents.

The ProMax dosing system is characterized by high performance and precision, ensuring precise dosing even in cases of reduced water pressure.

  • A durable and reliable construction, made of composite ABS materials, allowing easy upgrade of the system with additional modules and functionalities.
  • Patented protection against returning of the detergent in the base vessel, without affecting the useful flow.
  • Special seals with wide chemical resistance for working with maximum number of detergents.
  • Precise dosing values for the detergent, for safe and efficient operation with containers of different volume and concentration of solution (bottle, bucket, machine tank).
  • Aesthetic design that saves space and allows quick and easy installation and maintenance.
  • Optimizes maintenance costs.